Scalable Logic

Scalable Logic and Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine
With over a decade of dedication & 
contribution to the open source Grid Engine project, many of our enhancements can be found in every implementation of Grid Engine. In fact, half of the open source enhancements for Sun Grid Engine were contributed by us!

No vendor lock-in

Founded in 2010, the Open Grid Scheduler project is the official maintainer of the open-source Grid Engine, opensourced by Sun Microsystems in 2001. Scalable Logic is the company offering commercial support and consulting services to Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine users.

Visit our opensource Grid Engine site for more information.

2012-11-21: A 10,000-node Grid Engine cluster was provisioned on Amazon EC2 (in 2005, we broke the 1,000-node scalability limit in Grid Engine).

2012-08-01: Phase 2 of Xeon Phi Grid Engine Integration development started.

2012-06-19: Visit booth 560 at ISC'12 and take a look at the latest Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine version 2011.11 update 1 - with much better job control and lower CPU overhead usage of Grid Engine daemons.

2011-11-09: Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine version 2011.11 released. The commercial Scalable Grid Engine Support Program is offered by Scalable Logic. (Release Notes)